Organic Coriander microgreens are one of our tastiest and definitely a firm favourite at the Ethical Gardener. Powerful in both taste and nutritional value, the young leaves and shoots provide 3 x times the concentration of Beta carotene as their mature counterparts. Coriander microgreens are also high in levels of the antioxidant Leutin, also known as the “eye vitamin” because of its ability to decrease the risk of age-related Macular degeneration and Cataracts.

A recent study by the University of Maryland found that of the 25 microgreens tested, Coriander scored in the top 4 for high levels of ascorbic acids (Vitamin C, essential in boosting the immune system and in preventing diseases ranging from the common cold to stroke), carotenoids (Provitamin A important in reducing the risk of diseases especially certain cancers and eye diseases), phylloquinone (one of the K vitamins, essential for blood clotting) and tocopherols (the vitamin E compounds with antioxidant properties important in the stabilization of cell membranes and in lowering cholesterol)

And if all this wasn’t reason enough to add these microgreens to your salads, sandwiches, cocktails and garnishes….. they taste really delicious too!! .