The Microgreen Dream Team!

After reading about the wonderful taste and health benefits of microgreens on food forums and social media sites , we (Tracy Anne & Steve) started to look into where we could buy organic microgreens in our area but to our disappointment, we were unable to find them!

We had been eating only organic food for years and we knew we could not compromise on this. And why would we when so much research has found the serious health & environmental repercussions of eating and growing food with harmful pesticides? So I suppose we could say, we started growing organic microgreens out of necessity…. but soon discovered we had something of a knack for it.

After a few months, our kitchen was starting to look like a greenhouse. Our friends and family were always eager to help us out, happily munching away on the our various microgreen varieties and offering lots of helpful feedback. Although I came from an environmental science background and Steve from the aquatic industry, our love of gardening, food and all things organic seemed a perfect fit for growing these little wonders. We hope you agree!

As for the name, simples…………we are wildlife nuts!! When we moved to our little house by the sea in North Wexford in 2011, it had been derelict for many years. The site, while beautiful, was, let us say….challenging! With land on a 45 degree angle, composed of heavy marl clay and countless natural springs, making our garden usable would be tough! We were certain any work we had to do would not interfere with the abundant flora & fauna you find on an undisturbed site on the South East coast. No chemicals were used on stubborn weeds, instead elbow grease, care and patience! Plants were chosen for their benefits to wildlife and extreme care was taken to nurture our native wildflowers too. Being so interested in pollinators, all consideration was taken to have a ready supply of nectar from February to November as well as ample nesting habitat for our birds. And this is how we garden to this day. We like to think of it as ethical gardening!